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Koluru lake situated in Doddaballapura Taluk, Bengaluru Rural District, falls under the jurisdiction of Minor Irrigation. The lake faces significant threats from various quarters, including encroachment for agricultural purposes, soil excavation due to sand mining and brick making, construction of roads, and commercial fuelwood plantations managed by the Karnataka Forest Department. Despite substantial rainfall in 2022, the lake remained largely dry, with water only visible in scattered pits formed from soil excavation activities.This profile was developed in collaboration with Doddaballapura citizen group Yuva Sanchalana, founded by Chidanandamurthy. The citizen group can be reached at


Shows lake inlets, outlets and photos of Koluru Lake. Click the image on the left to load the profile.

The lake is in the Hesaraghatta Catchment, Arkavathi river basin.

Hesaraghatta Catchment Map

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Dishank & Topo Maps

Koluru Lake as represented in Dishank and Topo Maps

On Encroachment

Encroachment of Koluru lake including data from K.B Koliwad report

ESA 2021 Landcover

From European Space Agency’s (ESA) WorldCover 2021

Birds Spotted

Birds data as documented on e-bird

Lake Governance Related

Compilation of lake governance-related reports and articles

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