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Bengaluru tackles water scarcity by treating urban wastewater for non-potable uses. Numerous large-scale projects involve pumping treated wastewater to replenish rain-fed tanks in the hinterlands. The KC Valley project, acclaimed by the government as a model for wastewater reuse, pumps secondary treated wastewater from Bengaluru city’s sewage treatment plants to Kolar district’s rain-fed tanks.  The Hebbala-Nagavara Valley project pumps secondary treated wastewater to lakes in the Chikkballapur District. Similarly, the Vrishabhavathi lift irrigation project aims to channel treated wastewater to lakes in Ramanagara, Tumkur, and Bengaluru Urban & Rural Districts. This page provides data, information & analysis on such re-use projects.

KC valley-Kolar tank filling project

Data and analysis that sheds light on the benefits & risks of the wastewater tank filling project

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