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Kambipura Lake is spread across 5 Acres 13 Guntas is located in the Vrishabhavathi river basin of Bengaluru Urban District. The citizens under the banner of Kambipura Lake Rejuvenation Committee (KLRC) have come together for the protection of the lake. KLRC has been working with the Kumbalgodu Gram Panchayat on fencing the lake. Other activties undertaken is inlet/outlet clearance, tree plantation and construction of a small wetland at the inlet. 

The Kambipura Lake platform is Paani’s collaboration effort with KLRC. All three co-founders of Paani worked closely with KLRC to protect the lake. KLRC can be reached at


Shows lake inlets, outlets and photos of Kambipura Lake. Click the image on the left to load the profile.

The lake is in the Vrishabhavathi River Basin.

The lake is in the Bengaluru Urban District. The Bengaluru Urban Hydrology Map shows the lake.

Kambipura Lake Hydrology

Shows Kambipura lake in the Vrishabhavathi River Basin

2016 EMPRI Lake Profile

Includes Kambipura Lake in SSLR Surveyed Map & encroachment data

Dishank & Topo Maps

Kambipura Lake as respresented in Dishank and Topo Maps

Kambipura Lake Encroachment

Kambipura lake encroachment details from Koliwad and EMPRI lake atlas

Lake Village Revenue Map

Kambipura lake's village revenue map


Biodiversity as documented on inaturalist website

Lake Governance Related

Compilation of lake governance-related reports and articles

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